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The PDT Heartbeat 1001

The PDT Heartbeat 1001 was invented by Briant Grossi who has been a leader in the automotive industry for 30 years.  He is the owner of Lakewood Auto Electric in Lakewood, Colorado and has led his shop to be one of a few in his field of electrical repair with a reputation known across the state.

His customers include State and Government Agencies and continued referrals from national brands such as Goodyear, Firestone and Pep Boys.  He makes frequent appearances on radio talk shows in Denver when they call upon him for his expertise.  His experience with electrical systems has made him and Lakewood Auto Electric a trusted name in the automotive world.

This tool was created by the absolute need for a device that could accurately and conclusively determine if there was an excessive electrical draw on the system.  In his profession, he was dealing with drains on a daily basis and prior methods were difficult, time consuming and costly.  Based on chasing systems and replacing parts and batteries and spending time and money hoping to find the problem, the PDT was born.  This device enables technicians, shops and dealers to be able to know if in fact there is a parasitic drain and relay this information to the customer with a result that they can see and understand.  This supports better relationships with customers and also puts them back in their vehicles in a more timely and cost-effective manner.

He has seen success with his new device from it's inception and believes it will change the way drain testing is performed in the future, making it a critical tool for correctly implementing drain tests.